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IFSC Code of State Bank of India Allehpur : SBIN0003468

Bank Name: State Bank Of India (SBI)
Branch: Allehpur
IFSC Code: SBIN0003468
MICR Code: 246002302
Branch Code: 003468
Address: Hardwar Road, Allahapur, Ditt Bijnor, U P 246761
State: Uttar Pradesh
District: Allahabad
City: Bijnore
Customer Care: 01344-220316-220556

The IFSC Code of State Bank of India Allehpur is SBIN0003468. Allehpur area comes under Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh and this is the branch address found in our records: Hardwar Road, Allahapur, Ditt Bijnor, U P 246761. You may want to contact Allehpur customer care for your queries, here is the conatct phone number 01344-220316-220556.

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Indian Financial System Codes of State Bank of India Allehpur Nearest Branches

Allahabad : SBIN0000006 Naini : SBIN0000139 Phulpur : SBIN0000155 Handia : SBIN0001160 Karchhana : SBIN0001164 Johnston Ganj : SBIN0001198 Meja : SBIN0001374 Bamrauli : SBIN0001525 Colonelganj : SBIN0001583 University Branch, Allahabas : SBIN0001621 Allahabad Agri. Inst. : SBIN0002506 Allahapur : SBIN0002507 Khuldahbad : SBIN0002560 Mlnrec, Allahabad : SBIN0002580 Muthiganj, Allahabad : SBIN0002584 Sirsa : SBIN0002616 Mln Medical College : SBIN0003040 Civil Lines Allahabad : SBIN0003126 Allahabad Cantonment : SBIN0003166 Daraganj, Allahabad : SBIN0003310 Allehpur : SBIN0003468 Iit Complex Naini : SBIN0003486 Phaphamau : SBIN0003487 Allahabad High Court : SBIN0003879 Pbb Allahabad : SBIN0004249 Mumford Ganj, Allahabad : SBIN0004557 Ra & Secc, Allahabad : SBIN0005032 Jhunsi : SBIN0005440 Karma Bazar : SBIN0005468 Hanumanganj : SBIN0005473 Allahapur : SBIN0005828 Mohamdabad : SBIN0006143 Zari Bazar : SBIN0006340 A.d.b. Soraon : SBIN0006603 Gohari : SBIN0007191 Gtb Nagar, Allahabad : SBIN0007511 Service Branch, Allahabad : SBIN0007628 Rajpur, Allahabad : SBIN0007887 Bashahi : SBIN0009308 Etwa Kalan : SBIN0009310 Laltara : SBIN0009558 Ismailpur : SBIN0009690 Sarc, Allahabad : SBIN0010039 Drm Office , Allahabad : SBIN0010179 , Allahabad : SBIN0010180 Od Fort Allahabad : SBIN0010181 Cash Administration Cell, Allahabad : SBIN0010230 Jankipuram : SBIN0010342 Cppc Allahabad : SBIN0010385 Ccpc Allahabad : SBIN0010576 Jhalwa : SBIN0010891 Manda Road : SBIN0011252 Shankargarh : SBIN0011253 Lediyari : SBIN0011256 Janghai : SBIN0011257 Meerapur : SBIN0011511 Lukerganj : SBIN0011714 Bai Ka Bagh : SBIN0011750 Mundera : SBIN0013228 Govindpur : SBIN0013766 Rbo-iv-allahabad : SBIN0014230 Shantipuram (allahabad) Branch : SBIN0014577 Kaurihar : SBIN0014901 Holagarh : SBIN0014902 Cod Chheoki : SBIN0015283 Rbo-ii, Allahabad : SBIN0015404 Rbo-ii, Allahabad : SBIN0015409 Smeccc Allahabad : SBIN0015488 Nari Bari : SBIN0015512 Jasra : SBIN0015513 Sikikala : SBIN0015693 Nimikala Nimikala,allahabad : SBIN0015694 Administrative Office, Allahabad : SBIN0015809 Lalgopalganj : SBIN0016460 Trivenipuram, Allahabad : SBIN0016805 S.p.marg, Allahabad : SBIN0030335 Koraon : SBIN0015510 Tagore Town Branch, Allahabad : SBIN0016806 Kotwa, Allahabad : SBIN0017059 Mubarakpur, Distt. Allahabad : SBIN0015133 Meja Urja Nigam Pvt. Ltd. Branch, Allahabad : SBIN0017305

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